The Indonesian Satay Recipes

Indonesia is the country where Satay is said to have originated, on the Islands of Java or Sumatra, so it won't be surprising to see here the biggest variety of satay recipes... Indonesian Cuisine is extremely varied, full of divine culinary surprises that are largely unknown to European countries and in America; but to respect the scope of this website, we will focus here on the Indonesian Satay's part of Indonesian cuisine (Sate in Indonesian language). As we were saying, there are dozens of delicious traditional satay recipes in Indonesia, and satay is very important to them. The one Satay flavour that is starting to be better known around the globe is the Sate Madura, a Satay with peanut sauce; just please keep an open mind and try other recipes as well: there are many more delicious Indonesian Satay recipes and they do not necessarily use any peanuts in their sauce...

If you are looking for the Chicken Satay flavour using a peanut sauce, see the Sate Madura or the Sate Ponorogo; both a good place to start in this culinary adventure...

Sate Ponorogo

Chicken Madura Sate Recipe

The Sate Lilit Ayam from Bali

Chicken Sate Ponorogo

Sate Padang Recipe

The Sate Ambal Kebumen

Sate Kambing Tegal

Sate Buntel

Sate Lembut

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